Corporate Identity

Staff and Information

A typical family business such as MATTES & AMMANN draws lots of strength and energy from close cooperation over all areas and on all levels.

Our company is based on the mutual respect for our colleagues and their achievements With a staff of 300, it is essential to maintain personal relations with everybody, especially for a company like MATTES & AMMANN.

This assures the safety of one of our most precious assets: the “feel of family”. As the primary source of strength for a typical Swabian family business,

  • togetherness

  • mutual respect

  • cross-divisional cooperation

should all be promoted throughout the company.

These values must be kept as corporate goals in order to safeguard and protect the very foundation of our company.

Looking back at what we have achieved so far in terms of promoting togetherness, we have reason to feel quite pleased (see following page).

In particular meetings focusing on corporate objectives are of great importance, but we also foster cross-divisional debate.

Our culture management aims at promoting a feeling of family between all members of our company, i.e. communication, internal and external information (customers, suppliers, partners and the interested public).

To know more means the possibility

  • to participate more

  • to better integrate.

Contrary to our usual corporate policy, we are not imposing a time schedule for the development of our culture management but rather let these ideas grow and flourish, with all parties involved providing input.

Mr Mattes is pleased to announce that the promotion of our culture management takes place under the guidance of Ms Volm, an engineer, Mr Keinath, Mrs Keinath, Mr Mehl and Mr Herrmann.

This combination is crucial to ensure that we reach all our staff.