D + E – Design and Development

The D & D division was established in the year 2000. The foundation had already been laid in 1999 with the acquisition of the well-known design studio “Studio Meister” which has been established 30 years ago.

In April 2000, Studio Meister was moved to the Mattes & Ammann® premises. A universityqualified designer had already been recruited in March to reinforce the division, therebycreating a continuous, uninterrupted valuechain from the design phase through to technical implementation.

In June 2000, a separate development knitting mill (No. 9) was installed in the technology division.

Our customers responded enthusiastically to the activities of this division and it didn’t take
long for the first successes to become apparent.

Design Archive

  • approx. 30,000 designs acquired from the synthetic yarn manufacturer’s archive

  • approx. 20,000 designs acquired from Studio Meister

  • approx. 5,000 designs acquired from a competitor (know-how in the field of knitting)

  • as well as approx. 20,000 designs from 40-50-year old in-house archive

Sample yarn store

We always hold approx. 1,000 colours of the main yarn for sampling purposes.

 Design - Studio
 World of Vision - our show room for innovative textiles{{iflng::ru