S + C Support

The service and customer support area has been developed over several years.

S + C, Service & Customer Support

Precision rolling

The machines used by our customers have led to the requirement that at least one edge of the fabric is rolled up completely flush. For this
purpose, Mattes & Ammann have purchased a machine that achieves flush rolling through the use of optical eyes.

Cutting work

Many customers require that rolls be cut to their preferred width and/or that wide rolls be divided into smaller ones which better suit their in-house processing requirements.

Punching work

The purchase of a large punching machine is further proof of our commitment to meeting our customers’ needs and requirements. Punching is usually more precise than cutting and enables our customers to process individual pieces directly – no need for cutting or preparing the fabric by the customer.

Doubling work

In addition to major clients, we have for many years also counted the retail sector among our customers. The make-up on doubling boards / coils is necessary to compete in this particular sector, which is characterized by confined storage space in the retail outlets.