Health Management

13-yearhealth plan for all MATTES & AMMANN staff members

n January 2003 every Mattes & Ammann staff member was issued with a “health passport”.

Every six months, health check-ups are performed, with representatives of AOK, the state health insurance scheme, visiting the company. All staff members, who get their cholesterol and blood sugar levels checked and their blood pressure, weight and height measured, receive a stamp in their health passport. 

The results are only available to the relevant staff members, but not to the company management. If the staff member so wishes, he or she may commence the appropriate treatment. Two check-ups are carried out per year and voluntary participation is awarded with a  “silver medal”.

1 year Silver Medal      
2 years Silver Medal      
3 years Silver Medal      
4 years Silver Medal      
5 years Silver Medal      
6 years Silver Medal      
7 years Silver Medal      
8 years Silver Medal      
9 years Silver Medal      
10 years Silver Medal 1 Gold-Silver Medal   after 10 years
10 Silver Medals can be exchanged
for 1 Gold-Silver Medal
11 years Silver Medal      
12 years Silver Medal       
13 years  Silver Medal  1 Gold-Silver Medal + 3 Silver Medals

after 13 years
1 Gold-Silver Medal + 3 Silver Medals
can be exchanged for 1 Gold