Leading through Innovation

Based on the premise that quality must be both guaranteed and ensured, we developed a new way
of thinking. This, coupled with our tremendous development efforts, resulted in a number of

Patent Applications.

Today, the company holds several patents/licenses that are used in the construction industry, special roofing and in the manufacture of flags and banners.
M&A also holds further patents in the fields of hygiene and the automobile industry.

Registered Trademarks

medicott is a brand of Mattes & Ammann.
Under the brand name medicott we offer a specially cleaned (extracted) cotton or blends of cotton for knitted and woven fabrics.


Green Nature 
A program that focuses on the definition of specific issues and the capability to monitor and check compliance with commitments made. Given the fact that in the area of ecology and environmental protection in particular, a lot is promised and very little can actually be verified, this is of great importance.

The circular-loom technology enables the production of high-quality velour – a product for the most discerning customers.

Firmly established for over 25 years as anti-static knitted lining. Drei-Gold-Punkt is a staple of our product range.

FKT Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträglicher Textilien 
(association for the promotion of body-friendly textiles) It took four years of research work as part of a joint project with Baden-Württemberg at the Institut für Textil- und Verfahrenstechnik (Institute for textile and process technology) in Denkendorf in Germany, to develop a new testing procedure. For a period of several years, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, the institute and the textile industry joined forces to find a solution for ensuring the manufacture of bodyfriendly textiles. The testing medium consists of living, highly sensitive cell cultures.
Any materials that could detach from the textiles during use are absorbed by the contact gel and exposed to the cell cultures. It is only when no changes are observed in the cell cultures, that the product has successfully passed the test.

The result is a resounding: absolutely safe.

This effect-related test is, in fact, so strict that it complies with the standards applicable to the testing of medical products.