Circular knitting operations

The company operates

  • Double-knit circular machines

  • Single-knit circular machines

  • Mechanical machines

  • Fully computerised machines

  • Both fine and coarse pitches

  • Range of differing widths (in inches)

  • Stock of machinery also includes small circular knitting machines

We are able to manufacture the following

  • Jacquard weaves

  • double and single weaves (in-house design and development division “D & D”)

  • Solid-dyed weaves

  • Interlock/romanit/fine-ribbed/piqué/crepesand a wide range of variations

  • Terry towelling weaves

  • high and low pile and multi-coloured

  • Solid-dyed terry towelling weaves

  • Velour and loosely knitted fabrics

  • high / low pile and multi-coloured

Circular knitting operations

  • Circular knitting facility 1 Synthetics

  • Circular knitting facility 2 Cotton + Synthetics

  • Circular knitting facility 3 Cotton + Synthetics

  • Circular knitting facility 5 Cotton

  • Circular knitting facility 6 Synthetics + Cotton

  • Circular knitting facility 7 Synthetics + Cotton

  • Circular knitting facility 8 Synthetics

  • Circular knitting facility 9 Development knitting facility

Each foreman/technician has his own area of responsibility and work in close cooperation with quality assurance, eco-management and occupational safety management.