Circular knitting facility 4

The company operates:

  • circular knitting machines
  • width (in inches) from 11 to 36
  • fineness from 16 coarse to 26 fine (French inches)
  • sinker height from 00 smooth to 3.5 mm
  • pattern settings (braking plates – pattern wheels).

We are able to manufacture the following

  • Velour fabrics and terry towelling weaves
  • high / low pile
  • Solid-dyed weaves and solid-dyed terry towelling weaves
  • Excellent single weaves Originating from the 18th century, this technique was introduced by Mattes & Ammann in 1994. It enables the processing of specific requirements while complying with the business concept of following a niche strategy.

This division has its own foremen/technicians and requires a high degree of manual skill. In addition, this division works in close cooperation with the quality assurance, eco-management and occupational safety management divisions.

The production of knitted fabrics on these machines cannot be compared with any other technology, resulting in the best brushed fabric (velour) available in the market:


This pile finish is absolutely unique. The machines produce only a few kilos per day. This output is, however, of finest quality...

… absolutely gorgeous fabrics
it’s a kind of MAgic!

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 Circular knitting facility 2
 Circular knitting facility 3