Security and safety for Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)

As we have already announced in recent years, we have managed to successfully conclude the project

„Security Declaration for Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)“

together with the main customs office in Ulm. The world is changing – this is evidenced above all in the near east as well as in Arabia. Therefore it’s ever more important to guarantee that goods reach their destination „safely“.

The goal of the „Security Declaration for Authorized Economic Operators (AEO)“ project is to ensure that the goods which are manufactured for export may be exported or imported into other countries without safety risks.

This means, for example, ensuring that our yard goods / rolls may be handed over to the freight forwarder in a manner which allows no third party access to the goods and/or packaging and no illegal components to be added.

MATTES & AMMANN assumes responsibility for the secure and clean processing of customer orders.

Overall, we may summarise that the AEO project was extremely successful. We are now pleased to say that we were proactive in this respect as one of the first 50 companies out of 25,000 who achieved this AEO certificate from the main customs office in Ulm. On 02 October 2015, Mr Kaschner from the main customs office in Ulm carried out an audit with positive results.

MATTES & AMMANN continues to proudly bear the AEO certificate.